Tillers of the soil

At present, the cultivator of the soil is commonly used in agriculture. The subsoiler is trailed equipment to agricultural machinery and is used for deeper tillage of land. In consequence of which the earth is saturated with oxygen, and mixed to deeper soil layers. This treatment is necessary as it increases the quantity of the crop. An additional purpose of this equipment is the removal of the root system and destruction of weeds.

Tillers of the soil

Design and operation


Modern tillers of the soil are used by the complex with plowing during sowing and after the harvest from the field. It trailed equipment for tractors varies structurally, the overall dimensions of the unit and the maximum depth of loosening of the soil.

The minimum width of the chisel for processing is 2.5 meters, but there are broader, which are manufactured specially for heavy special vehicles, their width up to 5 metres. The minimum depth of soil tillage – 40 cm, maximum 80 cm.

The design of the equipment is assembled from solid carbide, high-strength grades of metal, that allows to smoothly handle the plots of land over a fairly long period of time.

The main working part of the chisel are justcocaine “legs”, which depends on the amount width and the length of which depends on the depth of tillage.

Since structurally the frame is assembled from modules, the owners may, depending on the conditions to change the width and height of racks are mounted on legs. Technologically stand is made of durable metal with a width of 35 mm. and are arranged at an angle of 45 degrees, allowing the pinned legs is much easier to penetrate and loosen the soil.

For the best grinding of soil applied ice rink, which is technically designed so that in the process of loosening the soil to break up the resulting clods on the surface.

The principle of operation of the chisel

Gaspardo Artiglio subsoiler

Let’s look at the principle of operation of a standard chisel.

As the speed of agricultural machinery, scarifier under its own weight slams into the ground and begins to mix the different layers of the earth, simultaneously with this process involved the rink, which goes after and breaks up the large and small lumps on the faction.

Good to know!

The constructive arrangement of the legs at an angle much reduces the cost of the owner to the processing of the land, and also significantly reduces traction resistance of the unit and saves the service life of the equipment.

Some manufacturers in the design of the added elements such as bits, which in the production of agricultural works moving up and down on the bar and thereby provide better crushing of loosened soil.

There are models with the use of the worker node of the blade, which has a wing-like appearance and is designed to cut the earth along the horizontal direction (plane).

At the end of the material I want to note that today the tillers have been used widely due to its productivity and quality of processing of the land plots. As these attachments, selecting models from manufacturers such as: Gaspardo artiglio, KAMA, diamond, chisel, kivon, it is necessary to consult the technical characteristics of the planned tractors that will produce work. The power of the tractor may vary in the range from 150 to 500 horsepower.