Tamper useful equipment for construction

Purpose and scope

Tamper (vironova) — additional equipment for the production of construction works the main purpose of which is to seal the soil in areas where heavy and even small-sized machinery can not efficiently perform their functions.

Often at construction sites there are situations when it is impossible to operate equipment with large dimensions. In areas of small size with limited ability to maneuver no other equally convenient method for compaction and tamping of the soil.

This equipment performs well in the following works:

  • stacking of the inputs/outputs to the entrances of houses;
  • construction of sidewalks and small paths;
  • the arrangement of the tram tracks;
  • construction of pile foundations and strip type;
  • soil compaction near the pillars and trenches;
  • patching on streets and highways.

The photo below shows a popular pattern of rammers wacker.


Very popular is the tamper during installation of underground utilities.

Scope is characterized as a small local space, fill, sand, and other small factions, cohesive soils.

Classification fibronol

There are two main types of vibratables:

  1. Mechanisms with significant amplitude and low frequency vibration.
  2. Equipment with low vibration amplitude and high frequency vibration.

Modification belonging to the first category, is ideal for granular soils. If necessary, seal the viscous and hybrid materials, including asphalt, a better option would be the second type.

There is a division into three types depending on the type of installed engine.

  1. Electric. Important details – at relatively low power, has excellent mobility and a low level of noise during operation. Inexpensive models of this type do not pollute the surrounding space, but need to be near mains power. No restriction on use in enclosed spaces.
  2. Diesel. A big plus – ability to work under elevated loads due to the maximum impact energy. Units refer to high performance and efficient equipment, in terms of service superior to any alternative. The relative disadvantages of high cost and noise when executing sealing measures.
  3. Petrol. Compared with diesel devices have the lowest noise performance and ruggedness to changes in temperature. No attachment to the power source as electric units. Powerful and mobile machines are also a minus – limitation for use in confined areas due to exhaust emissions.

The device and principle of operation

All modifications will apply a transfer method to the shaft of the eccentric produced by the motor torque. Disbalans rigidly fixed on the correct tamping plate. Obtained in this process, the vibration is transmitted to the soil that you want to compress.

All the most popular in this segment of construction equipment samples operate in a certain mode, which is characterized as a phenomenon of forced vibrations. The rotation of the node of the forced excitation, referred to as centrifugal disturber, provides a gear-type hydraulic motor. Performance are directly linked to the design features of each individual unit. The amplitude of the vibrations transmitted to the plate depends on the weight of the rammer frame. Than it is easier the greater the range of fluctuations.

Tips on proper use

Each manufacturer produces equipment with their instructions. But there are General guidelines, which allows to increase service life and optimum parameters of operation:

  1. Be sure to pay attention to this weak link, as the oil level in the gearbox any model. Regularly need to monitor them and the time to maintain the required performance.
  2. On the surface of high hardness cannot run the machine to avoid damage to the soles.
  3. To ensure safety and prevent injury, use insulating gloves and earmuffs in accordance with the requirements for protection.
  4. Shoes with metal toes will protect the operator’s feet from getting accidental damage.
  5. Absolutely useless will be the desire to press harder on the handle installation. The work does not improve, and the hands will be subjected to intensive vibration.
  6. When movement of the processed Shoe on the plane there are often sparks. Therefore, the use of Assembly in areas with high fire and explosion is excluded.

More case clogging of the exposed air filters. It is easier to make prevention of paper filter rammers – just blow it, shake or knock. Warm soapy water is processed foam elements. Then they are allowed to dry, dipped in engine oil and squeeze. The purity of this part depends largely on the stable operation and the engine and the unit as a whole.

Tamper the work

What’s included

Buying a tamper of any model, it must ensure the mandatory presence of such parts:

  • a collection of several soles with different sizes;
  • necessary for easy movement of the wheels;
  • nozzles of special design;
  • arms reduces the impact on the operator of the working vibration.

Tips for choosing

A special table will help you determine the characteristics of the engines and scope of each model. But experts ‘ recommendations will be useful in order to obtain information about which manufacturers are usually silent.

Many professionals have noted the instability of carburetors line of vibratable Honda GX 100. Also a careful approach requires the purchase of a diesel samples. Such equipment is very capricious in terms of fuel quality and process of preventive maintenance. Problems may arise at the stage of search of spare parts for such units.

But gasoline engines Subaru EH 12-D and Honda GX 120 the most positive reviews. While filling high-quality gasoline remains one of the main conditions for safe operation. This way you will be able to protect others and yourself from harmful gases and club viscous thick smoke.