Subaru, Toyota ” Welcome Subaru Legacy in Russia on behalf of our Camry.

Subaru, Toyota ” Welcome Subaru Legacy in Russia on behalf of our Camry.
The Legacy two configuration: 2 089 000 or 2 239 900. Both with the 2.5 engine, a CVT and all-wheel drive. Camry 2.5 with automatic transmission costs from 1 to 2 678 000 117 000. For 2 232 000 you can already buy 250-strong modification with the engine V6 3.5.

I wonder how the world! In Russia, prices returned to the market sedan Subaru Legacy only begin almost where the Camry 2.5 end. For Legacy, the engine of this scope is no alternative. And in his native Japan base Camry, on the contrary, more expensive top Legacy! Because all the local Toyota-with a hybrid doveskom. But Subaru has four-wheel drive. It is in this form that Legacy is shipped to Russia. A Camry stamped on a full cycle at the plant in St. Petersburg, which allows you to keep attractive prices.

In many markets, the Subaru Legacy is a direct competitor for the Toyota Camry sedan 2.5. Similar size, space, energy… The difference in the characters is less than the difference in Russian prices.

Visually and to the touch you can not say that the test Legacy with comparable equipment is more expensive than our Toyota as much as 400 thousand rubles. Body parts Camry fitted neatly on the front panel-leathers, not curiously stitched this thread plastic, as in Legacy. But Subaru front pillars and visors are covered with high-quality fabric. A little better trimmed trunk of the same volume, with folded rear seats in the cabin opens a full opening, not a short slit, like a Toyota. The rear seats though modeled on the same pattern: the same scope, grip handles on doors there, however, there is heated seats.

The interior design of Legacy is conservative, the materials are not bad. Flokirovanie the glove compartment and the panel under the straight tree pleasing to the eye. The cover of the top stereo camera Eye sight does not interfere with the review, but looks strange. Unlike the Toyota, the entire cabin light to normal incandescent bulbs.

After restyling, the color of the rings in the devices can be changed in ten versions ― but you can turn off the clumsy backlight altogether. The glossy console glares, the media system buttons are touch-sensitive, though with undercuts to control by touch.

At start-up zubarovsky “oppozitnik” slightly flinches, until heated through if already tapping. The drone of the exhaust is pleasant, especially compared to the boring Camry SIRENIA. Passport Toyota Legacy exceeds four Newton-meters of torque, yielding six horsepower power. With a quiet ride only noticeable difference between the types of transmissions.

Subaru variator can be scolded only for an excessively sharp first response, combined with a delay. In General,it provides a more comfortable acceleration, and in s mode-even more precise control. If you want, you can turn on the seven emulated transmission paddle shifters, and the jerky “hydromechanics” Toyota “manual” mode is simply to block the inclusion of higher gears.

The visibility of Subaru is very good: the racks are not thick, the mirrors are large, and the rear glass is larger than the Camry. Over to hide the side view camera, designers obviously didn’t take a steam bath.

But the extra fifty kilograms of all-wheel drive, coupled with the losses in it if the Subaru hold on acceleration. With one person in the cabin, according to our measurements, a hundred is achieved in 9.7 seconds, acceleration from 60 to 100 km/h takes 6.1 seconds, and spurt 80-120 ― 7.2 seconds. Camry with the same load on the same “ninety-fifth” gasoline everywhere faster about half a second.

One of the few options that is on Legacy, but for any money is not offered for St. Petersburg Camry ― tinted glass rear hemisphere.

But it ― albeit with the loss of dynamics ― you can pour AI-92. And we do that. Who would refuse to save? St. Petersburg Toyota is a Russian not only at the place of birth. At the bottom of the doors are the gaskets, the steering wheel is heated as a whole, and not under the hands, as in Legacy. The spare wheel is no different from the others. There is a full heated windshield… and the clearance is bigger: real 155 mm, albeit without protection, against 135 mm, measured by us under a steel shield covering the Subaru from below. Four-wheel drive, of course, will take its winter ― but except that to start on a slippery surface Legacy will be more confident.

The front seats are simple, lateral support is felt only on the pillow, and then barely. A doorway in the back slightly lower than in the Toyota, and with the rear seats worse.

Driving comfort is noticeably higher in Toyota. The suspension handles all types of bumps with confidence ― while the stiffer Legacy of the shake meets the joints of bridges and large potholes. However, on a good road shock absorbers, dissolved in the low frequency zone almost to the rocking of the body, create the illusion of good smoothness. Noise just can’t help it ― the Subaru is noticeably translates into the cabin the roar of rolling wheels and the breeze from the large mirrors. Camry is quieter.

The volume of the trunk ― parity, but to use the cargo compartment of the Subaru due to the parallelogram hinge cover, not taking a place in the Luggage. However, the effort of opening the lid with them too much.

So, Legacy will be better handling? Light sports notes in the reactions to the action of the wheel really is. On the background of Subaru in the exact behavior in General Camry find small delays and wattage feedback. The Legacy is perfectly tuned steering: with sufficient sharpness and low effort ― a logical reactive action. In a very fast turn rolls less, and the game “demolition-skid” is conducted with greater accuracy than the Toyota, which in addition bucks on the waves. However, in General, Legacy is not a sportsman. Does not provoke, does not tire. Although the track Camry reacts less.

The new generation Camry is sold exactly the same as the previous one ― about 3000 cars per month. Legacy sedan left the Russian market in 2015 against the background of piece demand. For the full year 2014 150 cars were sold.

Surprisingly, almost all service electronics of the machine produced by a small company Subaru works better than the” global ” Toyota. Take a basic light sensor on Camry it “hysteria”, not realizing, under the bridge stopped a car or in a tunnel. Active cruise control on Legacy operates more smoothly, more predictable ― but it is “tied” only on the stereo video camera Eye Sight.

Toyota salon looks more modern and in General, and in detail.

The profile of seats Camry too unsophisticated and head restraints, unlike the Subaru, not regulated on the flight. Landing on the back row in both cars is quite high.

Nice and new Zubarovskaya media system with TomTom maps and a very good quality phone connection. Turning light for Toyota is not offered, and in Subaru-please, and led modules are rotated at large angles. Parking sensors must be installed at the dealer. There is a rear view camera, but like the Camry, it is not protected from dirt. In the top version of Legacy, cameras are still installed on the front and right side ― it’s even harder for them to stay clean.

Warranty three years or 100 000 km Toyota will visit on a routine ten times, and Subaru ― only seven, including the first oil change at 5000 km. Insurance, oddly enough, costs about the same. Details depend on the age and experience of the driver.

The amount of 2.2-2.3 million rubles allows you to take the Camry in one of the maximum configurations, richer equipped, but not simple, but with a 250-horsepower engine. And, in my opinion, more interesting in design. Overpayment for four-wheel drive, good electronics Yes easy sporty driving settings Subaru does not seem rational. If we lived in Japan, the verdict would probably be the opposite. But here and now, especially away from capitals with their flat roads, Camry’s choice seems more justified.