SIN-32 KAMAZ-43118 Unit acidizing wells

Acid unit SINT-32 KAMAZ-43118 is designed for the transportation and injection of inhibited solutions of hydrochloric acid with a concentration of 35%, glancelot (the content of HF to 5% HCL to 24%), KSPO-2, and alkaline solutions and saline solutions in all acid treatment wellbore zones.


  • Chassis
  • Three-plunger-pump СИН32 with gear
  • Capacity with electronic level gauge
  • Manifold with stop valves
  • Electronic recorder of output parameters

The ability to install two-piece container that enables you to work simultaneously with a variety of aggressive fluids, as well as the acquisition of containers as a coating and without it.

Features of the unit

  • High efficiency three-plunger-pump for well washing, which leads to fuel savings up to 30%.
  • High hydraulic power (P and Q), not less than 132 kW, achieved through high efficiency.
  • The overhaul life of the pump is 6,000 hours.
  • Reliable valves.
  • The service life of the internal coating of containers is at least 8 years.
  • Capacity equipment for rinsing wells works in the temperature range from -40°C to +70°C.
  • Passing parameters of the pumping unit is carried out using GPS/GLONASS terminal via the GSM network (option).

Characteristics of tanks

Capacity, cub. m 5,5; 7
Level control electronic
The service life of the coating 7 years

Characteristics of the pumping unit

Type SIN-32, three-plunger –
Maximum working pressure MPa diameter plunger 100 mm 50
Maximum working pressure MPa diameter plunger 125 mm 32
Largest supply in the diameter of the plunger 100 mm 16,6
Largest supply in the diameter of the plunger 125 mm 25,7
Maximum speed, km/h 75
Full weight, kg 20 800
Overall dimensions, mm 9200×2550×3570
The efficiency of the installation (not less than), % 80

Specifications chassis KAMAZ-43118

The cylinder diameter and piston stroke, mm 120/130
Max. net torque, Nm (kgsm) 1275 (130)
when the rotational speed of crankshaft, rpm 1300
The maximum useful power, kW (HP) 221 (300)
at frequency of rotation of a cranked shaft, rpm 1900
Working volume, l 11,76
The location and number of cylinders V-shaped,8
Fuel system Common Rail
Compression 17
Engine type diesel turbo, with intermediate cooling of charging air
Performance without bed or sleeper (depending on configuration)
Cab type located over the engine high or low roof (depending on configuration)
Wheels and tires
Rim size 10.00-20 and 12.2-20.9 lb (depending on configuration)
Tire size 390/95 R20 or 425/85 R21 (depending on configuration)
Type wheel disk
The type of tire pneumatic, with adjustable pressure
Model KP ZF 9S1310
The gear ratios in the transmission 1-9,48; 2-6,58; 3-4,68; 4-3,48; 5-2,62; 6-1,89; 7-1,35; 8-1,00; 9-0,75; SX-8,97
Type mechanical, 9-testudinata
Management mechanical, remote
Number of gears KP 9
Transfer box
Type mechanical, two with locking centre differential
Management pneumatic
Power system
Fuel tank capacity, l 210 or 350 or 210+210 or 350+210 (depending on configuration)
Drive hydraulic with pneumatic booster
Type diaphragm, single-plate, mod. ZF&SACHS MFZ 430
Drive pneumatic
Dimensions drum diameter, mm 400
Brake linings width, mm 140
Characteristics of a/m GVW
External turning radius, m 11,5…12,9
Maximum speed, not less, km/h 90
The angle to overcome the ascent, not less, % (deg) 31
Electrical equipment
Batteries, V/Ah 2×12/190
Generator, V/W 28/3000
Voltage, B 24