Renishaw Equator 500

Renishaw has introduced a digital system for the intelligent control of the processing of large parts of the Equator 500.

The Renishaw Equator 500 system, with its larger dimensions, makes it possible to control larger parts thanks to a working space of 500 mm diameter and a height of up to 400 mm.

Both versions, Equator 300 and 500, provide the desired accuracy in the range from 5ºC to 50ºC at any rate of temperature change and allow scanning at speeds above 200 mm / s.

Each of these systems is compatible with easy-to-use Organizer software for operators, EZ-IO automation software and IPC (Intelligent Process Control) software for updating tool offsets on CNC machines.

The working space of the Equator 500 system has a diameter of 500 mm in the XY plane, and the Z axis height with the SM25-2 scanning module is 250 mm.
If the scanning module SM25-3 is used, the Z-axis height can be increased to 400 mm; This module works with probes up to 200 mm long, which allows access to a much larger number of elements. The base of the Equator 500 system allows work with workpieces and fasteners, the total weight of which does not exceed 100 kg.

The most typical examples of the application of the Equator 500 system are related to the manufacture of the following parts: transmissions and engine casings for cars and trucks; connecting rods and differential housings; cast parts of hangers, stamped parts, as well as valves and pumps.

The Equator 500 system solves the problem of preserving the accuracy of measurements with sudden temperature fluctuations within 45ºC width by remastering, which means that measurements with the required accuracy can be started immediately after the manufacture of the first part and continue this process regardless of the nature of the change in working conditions.

Modifications to the Equator system are compatible with the new IPC software, which provides continuous monitoring and automatic correction of the processing process, keeping the part sizes close to the nominal values ​​and keeping them within the limits of statistical control of technological processes. Such an adjustment of the deviation of the process characteristics from the given allows to improve the quality of the parts manufacturing, to expand the technological capabilities and to reduce the amount of reject.
The close location of the Equator digital pattern system to the machining centers on CNC machines allows you to make the necessary adjustments directly at the manufacturing site, which eliminates time delays and dependency on the results of the control of the finished part.

A versatile system of digital templates Equator can be connected to one or several CNC machines for machine tools.