Paver BOMAG BF 600 P

Paver BOMAG BF 600 P

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Among the main advantages of manufacturers say low noise, powerful economical diesel engine systems and controls fuel consumption ECO. Special cooling device allows to maintain the optimum temperature of the main components of the engine and hydraulic system.

Using the ECO system can significantly reduce the amount of fuel consumed. Special settings allow you to reduce the engine power and thereby reduce its running time at idle. In addition, using this system is regulated and the rotation speed. Thus, the operator is given the opportunity to choose the most optimal parameters for the implementation of an operation.

Bulk receiving hopper and wear-resistant pressing plate of the paver also have a positive impact on performance. Augers are equipped with special ultrasonic sensors, through which the asphalt mix is spread evenly over the surface. They also prevent the occurrence of irregularities on the processed surface. Management levelling timber is not difficult for the operator. It is used for surface preparation for sealing and coating material.During breaks in the work of the paver screed is automatically disabled. The operation of the heated screed controlled by special systems.

The user sets the required parameters of vibration and ramming devices of the paver while on the jobsite. A powerful lighting system that includes four head lights, four lights located on the body of the hopper, and four at the base screed, allows to carry out laying of asphalt pavement, even in the night time.

Manufacturers have done everything possible to create the most favourable working conditions for the operator. On the dashboard are no unnecessary sophisticated equipment. Basic control functions are performed through the lever switches. A special system measures the thickness of asphalt layer using the sensors. The operator is provided with a spacious working platform with the possibility of a full circular view of the construction of the object and the outer parts of the paver. Adjustable ergonomic seat allows the user to take the most comfortable position during the manufacturing process.The operator is not required to conduct frequent maintenance and to spend large amounts on prevention equipment paver BF 600 P, as all its components are made of durable wear-resistant materials. Easy access to the major operating units allows to carry out the necessary repairs or replacement of defective parts on your own, without professional help.

Technical characteristics of aspnetaudio BF 600 P

Working weight, t 16,5
Working width, mm 2550
Length of body, mm 5850
Height, mm 2850
The turning radius on the outer loop of track, mm 5100
Manufacturer Deutz
Type TCD 2013L04
Power, kW 120
Rotation speed, rpm 2300
The number of cylinders 4
Cooling water
Fuel diesel
The number of rear wheels 2
The type of tyres the rear wheels 17.5 R25
The number of front wheels 4
The diameter of the front tires, mm 500
Width of front wheel, mm 280
A hopper
Volume, m3 7,1
Width (wings raised), mm 3200
Width (with drooping wings), mm 2500
Length, mm 1920
Filling height, mm 560
The number 2
Diameter, mm 350
Rotation speed, rpm 75
Max. working width, mm 6850
Heating system gas/electric
Weight, t 3,3
The frequency of vibration of the device, Hz 30-58
General characteristics
Movement speed, km/h 42125
Operating speed, m/min 14/43
Fuel tank capacity, l 215
Tank capacity of hydraulic oil, l 160