Paver BOMAG BF 600 C

Paver BOMAG BF 600 C

Oct 25, 2018 Uncategorized by voice

The new model has greater power reserves, operates with low vibration and noise, and is environmentally friendly due to the small amount of exhaust gases emitted into the atmosphere. These parameters contribute significantly to the powerful engine of the Deutz company and particular management system, Eco, which controls the level of energy consumption.

Radiator paver promptly cools the engine and hydraulic system, allowing the operator not to interrupt the workflow even at high ambient temperatures. Open access to the engine provides the ability to quickly and easily clean, repair or replace defective parts. The use of three-phase generator has a positive effect on the level of productivity.

The operator manages the levelling beam, while on the jobsite. Using this device, operations for preparing the asphalt mixture to seal the surface, the maximum layer thickness which can reach 300 mm. Simple in technical terms, the design of the screed is durable and reliable. The user has the opportunity to ask the device the exact setting depending on the thickness of stacked material.In addition, the screed is automatically turned off during a break in the work, allowing you to reduce energy consumption. It is equipped with 16 heating elements, the status information which is displayed on special displays.

Illumination system of the paver BF 600 C represented by four spotlights located at the top of the cab, four in the rear part of the machine and headlights mounted on levelling beam. The result is complete coverage of necessary space that allows you to work at any time of the day under adverse weather conditions.

The operator offers a spacious cabin with a comfortable adjustable seat. It is designed to provide good visibility and all-round view of the construction object, as well as all external nodes of the paver. Workflow control is carried out via a control panel with protection system against mechanical damage and lever switches. In addition to the instrument panel, the state machine evaluates the special ultrasonic, electro-mechanical and laser sensors.

Technical characteristics of paver BF 600 C


Working weight, t 16,7
Working width, mm 2500
Overall width in transport position, mm 2550
Manufacturer Deutz
Type TCD2013L04
Power, kW 120
Cooling water
The number of cylinders 4
Rotation speed, rpm 2300
Capacity, m3 7,1
Width (wings raised), mm 3360
Width (with drooping wings), mm 2550
Length, mm 1920
Filling height, mm 560
The number 2
Working width, mm 440
Rotation speed, rpm 18
Max. working width, mm 7550
Min. working width, mm 1800
Layer thickness, mm 300
Heated gas/electric
The frequency of vibration of the device, Hz 20-58
Working weight, t 3,3
General characteristics
Movement speed, km/h 4,8
Working speed, km/h
Working speed, km/h 24