Paver BOMAG BF 300 P

Paver BF 300 P is a versatile tool for the implementation of the road works at construction sites of small size. With its compact design the machine has a high maneuverability and mobility, the ability to quickly change its position in tight spaces.

Adjustable operator’s seat, swivel-type control panel, and the lateral view provides good visibility throughout the entire workflow, even under the most adverse conditions. Weather-proof awning paver made of high-strength materials using polyester fiberglass. For lighting the operator’s cab, used 4 light. Special attachments allow the machine to move easily on soft loose ground.

In order to paving close to the wall provides separate control of hopper wings. Supply of asphalt is carried out using screws with forward and reverse, which occurs by means of ultrasonic sensors. Model BF 300 P is equipped with a ramming bar and pressing plate compactor with automatic gas or electric heating for compaction of asphalt mixes.

The necessary information about the condition of all components of the paver is displayed on a special monitor. The sensors control the material flow is carried out remotely using the remote control. Lubricating fluid is supplied centrally for all the mechanical components of the machine.

Technical characteristics of paver BF 300 P


Working weight, t 7,5
Working width, mm 1700 – 4000
The turning radius of the paver on the outer contour, mm 4750
The turning radius of the paver on the internal circuits, mm 2385
Travel, km/h 6,3-15
Working, m/min 41-129
Manufacturer Kubota
Type V3307T
Cooling водяное
The number of cylinders 4
Rated power, kW 55,4
The nominal rotation speed, rpm 2200
Rear wheel
The number 2
Type 13R22.5
The front wheels
The number 4
Diameter, mm 470
Width, mm 280
Capacity, m3 4,8
Width with raised wings, mm 3075
Width with drooping wings, mm 1740
Length, mm 1660
Filling height, mm 540
The number 2
Width, mm 220
Travel speed, m/min 30
The number 2
Diameter, mm 280
Speed, m/min 100
General characteristics
The thickness of the stacked layer, mm 350
The frequency of the ramming timber, Hz 30
Frequency vibromechanical pressing plate, Hz 20-50
The number of seats operator 1