Handling equipment

Handling equipment

Today handling equipment used in almost any area where there is movement of goods, the party remained and buses. A good example of the use of handling equipment and Assembly fixtures is the carriage trail, and large equipment. Let us consider in more detail the varieties, usage and main features of this special equipment. Rigging […]


Tamper useful equipment for construction Purpose and scope Tamper (vironova) — additional equipment for the production of construction works the main purpose of which is to seal the soil in areas where heavy and even small-sized machinery can not efficiently perform their functions. Often at construction sites there are situations when it is impossible to […]

Hitachi Construction Machinery: history of the brand

The history of the world-famous manufacturer of construction and mining equipment Hitachi Construction Machinery began in 1910 in the small Japanese town of Hitachi. Then the young talented engineer Namihei Odaira, addicted to designing electrical devices, participated in the project on construction of hydroelectric power. He was upset that all the main equipment was manufactured […]

HD1500-8 Tipper

Komatsu announced the sale of a mechanical mining dump truck HD1500-8, designed for the mining industry. The Komatsu HD1500-8 dump truck is equipped with a 50-liter engine (45-liter in the previous model), has a powerful stroke, provided with a useful power of 1175 kW (1598 hp). It is also equipped with a retarder brake of […]

European Commission fined Google to 4.3 billion euros for imposing their products on manufacturers

The European Commission fined the corporation Google for 4.3 billion euros for violating the antitrust laws of the European Union, Tass reported on Wednesday, July 18 This was reported by European Commissioner Margrethe Vestager at a press conference in Brussels. The commission concluded that Google illegally imposed on Android manufacturers the installation of their own […]

Tie Rod. Anti-stress for motorists

Jul 25, 2018 Opinions by voice
Continuation of a series of practical recommendations: how to usefully spend time in traffic jams, spending it on removing emotional stress / The car plug is a great opportunity to learn a foreign language, and not even one, to finish reading an interesting book or to remove a couple thousand unnecessary messages from a mailbox. […]