Mini-loader Bobcat S650

Mini-loader Bobcat S650 is representative of a new generation of wheel loaders balsareny. The model has become a substitute for Bobcat S250, the production of which not so long ago it was discontinued. The company’s engineers have managed to simultaneously reduce the size, but to improve performance. Equipment is in high demand in the market, as it combines agility, compactness and high performance. Many of those who could test in this machine, able to appreciate its quality and distinct advantages.

Mini loader can be operated not only outdoors, but in warehouses, barge or ship’s hold. The compact model is suitable for operation in conditions of limited space, in places where the large equipment is simply impossible. Thanks to the versatility and excellent specifications, Bobcat S650 used in the construction industry and other industries to perform such tasks:

  • loading of materials;
  • landscaping;
  • moving goods over short distance;
  • implementation of landscape works etc.

Main technical characteristics

For the excellent performance of the model is a four-cylinder diesel engine Kubota. Its power is 75 HP Motor, has an extended service life, is reliable, easy to cope with large loads.

Weight of truck is only 3.8 t, while it is small in size:

  • length – 3.5 m;
  • width – 2 m;
  • height – 2 m

If the Bobcat S650 is equipped with a standard bucket, dump height is 2.5 m. the turning Radius is equal to 2.1 m. the Model has a wide wheelbase and is equipped with pneumatic tyres, so different resistance, including when manoeuvring and cornering.

Another positive feature of the model is optimized hydraulic system. Thanks to her, the loader may install attachments of different size and weight.

Important benefits

Mini-loader equipped with a special mechanism called the “Bob-Tach”. It allows you to replace one suspension to another, the operator need not even get out of the cabin. Easy access to major components simplifies repairs and maintenance. The operator’s cabin has a high comfort level. Operating this machine a pleasure.

For the manufacture Bobcat S650, as well as other equipment of the new generation, the manufacturer uses high strength materials with excellent performance characteristics. High quality production and Assembly is achieved through control by means of modern computer technologies. Most people choose a mini-loader of a new generation for its reliability, high quality, excellent manufacturer and maneuverability.

Operating Rated capacity 1282 kg
Tipping load 2564 kg
The pump capacity (STD flow / high flow) 87,1 / 115,5 l/min
The system pressure at quick couplers 23,8 – 24,5 MPa
The speed 11,4 km/h
Speed (high – option*) 19,8 km/h
Dimensions Length with standard bucket 3474 mm
Width with standard bucket 1880 mm
Height with operator cab 2065 mm
Lift height to pivot pin, bucket 3149 mm
The rise of the frame vertical
Wheelbase 1150 mm
The rise of the frame Vertical
Engine Make/model Kubota / V3307-DI-TE3
Fuel Diesel
Cooling Liquid
Maximum power at rpm 55,4 (75,3) @2400 kW/HP@ rpm
Torque at rpm 264,0 @1600 Nm@rpm
Number of cylinders 4 PCs
Cylinder capacity 3,3 l
Fuel tank capacity 103,3 l
Weight Working weight 3777 kg
Shipping weight 3540 kg
Tires Standard tyre (pneumatic) 12×16,5 PR12
Controls Bobcat standard (foot switch control / leverage) standard
Control with joystick (SJC) option
Additional nodes installed at the factory Hydraulic large flow option
Air conditioning option
Bar Deluxe option
Frame mount coupler Power Bob-Tach option
Two speed option