Liebherr LB 20-230 Rotary drilling rig

With a compact rotary drilling rig LB 20-230 you can perform various operations on drilling wells for load-bearing elements. The drilling technologies are primarily reliable method of drilling Kelly-bar table with casing and without casing and the endless drilling auger drilling full displacement of the soil and the drilling of two-rotor drive.Among the main benefits should include high mobility — transportation-installation is fully assembled. This allows you to quickly carry the set from one object to another and increases the profitability of its operation. The main condition for reducing the duration of cycles is high torque. He provided a powerful drill series actuators BAT own design Liebherr.
The mass in running order 68,5 t
Max. torque Two hundred thirty kNm
Max. traction on the rope 180 kN
Max. stress zadavlivaniya/eject 300 kN
Engine power 300 kW
Drilling with Kelly bar max. drilling depth 52,3 m
Drilling with Kelly bar, max diameter of drilling tools 1 500 mm
Drilling endless screw, max. drilling depth 19,6 m
Drilling endless screw, max. diameter drilling tool 900 mm
Drilling full displacement of the soil, maximum depth of drilling 19,6 m
Drilling full displacement of the soil, the max. diameter of drilling tools 500 mm
Drilling 2 rotary actuator, max. drilling depth 13,5 m
Drilling 2 rotary actuator, max. diameter drilling tool 610 mm
Min. transport width 3 000 mm
Min. transport height 3 440 mm