Israeli army shot down Syrian fighter

The IDF announced that the military had deployed the Patriot Anti-Air Defense system against the Syrian fighter of the Sukhoi model, which violated the country’s airspace and deepened it for two kilometers, Haaretz reported on Tuesday, July 24

The IDF said that the fighter was under surveillance when he entered the airspace of Israel. The plane was shot down, firing two missiles on it. Both pilots were saved. They left the plane and landed the territory of Syria.

Earlier, Israeli media reported on the activated sirens of air alarm on the Golan Heights. Local residents saw the launch of missiles in the area of ​​the city of Safed and heard explosions. At that time, the plane was intercepted by a rocket about 800 meters west of the Israeli-Syrian border.

On the eve of Israel, David’s Sling anti-missile system was used. Then on the Syrian territory adjacent to Israel, two rockets were fired when in the battles between the government units and the opposition. The army said that Israel was not the target of the missiles.