HD1500-8 Tipper

Komatsu announced the sale of a mechanical mining dump truck HD1500-8, designed for the mining industry.

The Komatsu HD1500-8 dump truck is equipped with a 50-liter engine (45-liter in the previous model), has a powerful stroke, provided with a useful power of 1175 kW (1598 hp). It is also equipped with a retarder brake of the highest power in its class.

When used in conjunction with an automatic speed deceleration device (ARSC), the machine achieves safe and high-speed movement down the slope. As a result of reducing the cycle time, performance is increased.

The HD1500-8 dump truck is equipped with the Komatsu traction control system (KTCS), designed to optimize travel on slippery and / or soft surfaces.

Key components, such as: main frame, transmission and rear axle, have been redesigned, according to the latest technology and strength standards. Such updates will allow owners to reduce repair costs and increase overhaul intervals, reducing the total cost of ownership of equipment.

The Komatsu HD1500-8 dump truck is offered as standard with the KomVision system (monitoring system around the machine), as well as the real-time monitoring function, thanks to the latest version of KOMTRAX Plus.
By improving the “visibility” of the machine and operating conditions, the model is designed to improve the safety, performance and ergonomics of using the operator’s work area.

The dump truck is equipped with a ladder, located diagonally at a slight angle. It is safer and physically more convenient for the operator.

The HD1500-8 dump truck comes with an ergonomic circular panel, a pneumatically suspended seat, with a built-in heater and fan, which creates the best environment for the operator’s work.

The model includes the latest energy-saving technologies that reduce the loss of power in the hydraulic system, as well as an indicator of ECO-mode, which will prompt the operator to ways of more economical operation.

The Komatsu HD1500-8 dump truck, equipped with the latest technology, achieves high performance, reliability and safety. With the release of this model, Komatsu strives to help customers optimize their activities in mining.