Handling equipment

Today handling equipment used in almost any area where there is movement of goods, the party remained and buses. A good example of the use of handling equipment and Assembly fixtures is the carriage trail, and large equipment. Let us consider in more detail the varieties, usage and main features of this special equipment.

Rigging equipment and its varieties

It is important to know!

Handling equipment is a set of special devices, auxiliary equipment and Assembly fixtures used during manufacture of works on moving of the goods in combination with other lifting devices and mechanisms, and individually, if it is technically possible.

handling equipment

Equipment to move goods in fact can be divided into two kinds: it is the main equipment and auxiliary.
The main equipment for the production of rigging:

  • crane;
  • winches of all types;
  • jacks;
  • hydraulic pallet truck;
  • tackles;
  • roller mechanisms for moving loads;
  • special channel;
  • and so on.

Auxiliaries and mechanisms include:

  • hooks;
  • suspension;
  • carbines;
  • the ropes and steel cables;
  • a variety of binding posts;
  • seizures;
  • the collected decks and platforms;
  • and so on.

Very often uses of rigging tools and equipment. But there is such technique which may initially be even called rigging. A variety of cranes, manipulators and trawls. All of this technology with the use of accessories and devices, when used for its intended purpose, is used to move large loads.

I would also like to note that in most cases, to facilitate loading and unloading operations using special platforms and walkways, collected under the size of transported cargo.

During the works the main criterion of selection of the rigging equipment that will be used is dimensions and weight.

If the technical characteristics of the application is not valid, it is necessary to use another type of equipment for the production of rigging!

Key features and specifications

Handling equipment

The main features include:

  1. Compliance of equipment and devices produce some work.
  2. On time maintenance done.
  3. Timely examination and test and measurement verification.

Securing the load to increase the reliability for the carriage of goods is achieved at the expense of additional equipment, such as: chains and cables of various diameters, hooks and carabiners, ropes and cables. These technical means (as the principal) must be checked to specialized centers. Culling is replaced by the new, the old is disposed of.

The characteristics include:

  • capacity;
  • the speed of movement of the goods;
  • maximum traction force;
  • the diameter of the rope;
  • the diameter of the link (chain);
  • maximum lifting height of the load.