Drilling rig Liebherr LB 24-270

Drilling rig Liebherr LB 24-270 intended for the manufacture of bored piles in various technologies. These include drilling Kelly-bar, and various technology endless drilling. The installation can be transported with the mast in folded condition ready for work that allows you to quickly enter it into operation at the facility. Drive LB 24-270 is a powerful diesel engines with optimized consumption. High torque provides developed Liebherr drilling rig hydraulic. The design features include a superb stability due to a sturdy support truck. In addition, the mast takes the high torque and designed for high traction supply system cable. This achieves high accuracy and speed of execution cycles of drilling.
The mass in running order 75,8 t
Max. torque 270 kNm
Max. traction on the rope 200 kN
Max. stress zadavlivaniya/eject 320 kN
Engine power 320 kW
Drilling with Kelly bar max. drilling depth 58,0 m
Drilling with Kelly bar, max diameter of drilling tools 1 900 mm
Drilling endless screw, max. drilling depth 21,0 m
Drilling endless screw, max. diameter drilling tool 1 000 mm
Drilling full displacement of the soil, maximum depth of drilling 21,0 m
Drilling full displacement of the soil, the max. diameter of drilling tools 500 mm
Drilling 2 rotary actuator, max. drilling depth 15,0 m
Drilling 2 rotary actuator, max. diameter drilling tool 610 mm
Min. transport width 3 390 mm
Min. transport height 3 440 mm