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MT-X 625T

Loader for loading and unloading MT-X 625 T guides You through the construction at a low altitude: the installation of a pallet, loading bulk cargo, unloading, etc. by the Compactness of this machine makes it a real ally in cramped construction sites. With 4 driving wheels and controls, you can easily move and turn around […]

MRT-X 1440 Easy

MRT-X-1440 Easy rotating telescopic loader, created for the construction industry and certain types of production. Compatible with more attachments and featuring a lifting height of 14 m, it will accurately set heavy and bulky loads weighing up to 4 tons depending on the need You can use it as telescopic lift, crane or forklift. The […]

Jaguar ” With a quick crossover Lister LFP

The British company Lister published the first images and details of the crossover LFP, the stage of development known as Lightning. In fact, we are the product of a deep tuning of the model Jaguar F-Pace SVR. But Lister is considered an independent automaker, and therefore advertises the new car as the fastest production crossover […]

Loco locomobile-1 based on the Ural NEXT

Car special Loco-1 based on the Ural NEXT (with adaptations for movement on rails) is designed to carry cargo and processing equipment on roads and Railways, as well as use as a tractive vehicle during shunting work on the Railways enterprises. Standard body – side platform (useful length of…mm 3660 4400). It is possible to […]

Tillers of the soil

At present, the cultivator of the soil is commonly used in agriculture. The subsoiler is trailed equipment to agricultural machinery and is used for deeper tillage of land. In consequence of which the earth is saturated with oxygen, and mixed to deeper soil layers. This treatment is necessary as it increases the quantity of the […]

Handling equipment

Today handling equipment used in almost any area where there is movement of goods, the party remained and buses. A good example of the use of handling equipment and Assembly fixtures is the carriage trail, and large equipment. Let us consider in more detail the varieties, usage and main features of this special equipment. Rigging […]


Tamper useful equipment for construction Purpose and scope Tamper (vironova) — additional equipment for the production of construction works the main purpose of which is to seal the soil in areas where heavy and even small-sized machinery can not efficiently perform their functions. Often at construction sites there are situations when it is impossible to […]

Hitachi Construction Machinery: history of the brand

The history of the world-famous manufacturer of construction and mining equipment Hitachi Construction Machinery began in 1910 in the small Japanese town of Hitachi. Then the young talented engineer Namihei Odaira, addicted to designing electrical devices, participated in the project on construction of hydroelectric power. He was upset that all the main equipment was manufactured […]