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Excavator Hitachi ZX350H-5G/ ZX350LCH-5G

Reinforced by 10%, the modes of lifting and digging For the harsh climatic conditions in Russia and the heavy duty was designed reinforced hydraulic model of the middle class excavator Hitachi ZX350H-5G/ ZX350LCH-5G. So the machinery can smoothly work in such conditions, it is equipped with a durable six-cylinder Isuzu engine that meets all emission […]

Excavators of the middle class Hitachi ZX330-5G and ZX330LC-5G

Secmodel for Russia Hydraulic excavators of the middle class Hitachi ZX330-5G and ZX330LC-5G have technical excellence, reliability and is ideal for solving problems of our clients. The main focus of engineers made to the equipment: cope with the difficult working conditions, withstand extreme low and extreme high temperatures, was the most reliable, durable and high […]

Excavator Hitachi ZX280-5G/ZX280LC-5G

The maximum speed In a series of ZAXIS entered the middle class excavator Hitachi ZX280-5G/ZX280LC-5G. Features of machinery ZAXIS is not just enhanced performance, but also in minimal impact on the environment. Hitachi is constantly working to minimize its production of carbon dioxide emissions and thus contribute to the fight against global warming. The advantages […]

Аctros: we got the tractor Mercedes generation MP4

Children under seven years going to school. And Mercedes Actros MP4, which last summer was seven years old, has just entered the Russian market! Well, not overripe? Ms will not even remember that the European tractors were there so late! In Europe Actros MP4 debuted in version Euro 6 in 2011, and our carriers waited, […]

Renault Trucks is preparing to test an experimental economical train

While some manufacturers are moving their tractors to electric, Renault continue to achieve maximum economy from conventional diesel trucks. Recently, the French built an experimental train, the maximum sharpened for fuel economy. It is created in the framework of the French state programme for the development of the aerodynamic trucks with low fuel consumption. Moreover, […]

SIN-32 KAMAZ-43118 Unit acidizing wells

Acid unit SINT-32 KAMAZ-43118 is designed for the transportation and injection of inhibited solutions of hydrochloric acid with a concentration of 35%, glancelot (the content of HF to 5% HCL to 24%), KSPO-2, and alkaline solutions and saline solutions in all acid treatment wellbore zones. Composition Chassis Three-plunger-pump СИН32 with gear Capacity with electronic level […]

Cementing truck SHIN-35.64 based on the MAZ-6317Х5

Unit pump — SIN-35.64 based on the MAZ-6317Х5 designed for cementing, crimping and carrying out washing and squeezing works on oil and gas wells. Trucks – buy parts by machinery types: visit our website. Also used for drilling at the cattle in the long mode. Installation Chassis MAZ-6317Х5 with diesel engine YAMZ-6585 and gearbox YAMZ-239. […]

Multifunctional pumping unit SIN-35.53 for coiled tubing based on KAMAZ-65222

Multifunctional pumping unit SIN-35.53 for coiled tubing based on KAMAZ-65222 Multifunctional pump system SYN-35.53 intended for the dewaxing, cleaning frozen discharge lines and other manufacturing operations requiring the injection of heated fluids. Also, the installation is used for blowing pressure lines after completion of work with liquids. SHIN-35.53 can be used in the composition of […]