Bulldozer T 330

Bulldozer T 330

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Model T 330 is the most successful example of “import substitution” and one of the most well-known domestic bulldozers. The technique developed in Cheboksary Factory of industrial tractors. In its category it is considered the only model commercially available since the mid 1970-ies. The greatest distribution machine was in the next decade, becoming the main bulldozer for the industry.

In the early 1970-ies in the USSR was implemented large-scale projects on construction of Railways, development of agricultural land, laying gas and oil pipelines and the construction of major industrial facilities. In this regard, there is great need in bulldozer 25 drawbar category. Soviet enterprises to meet her he could not, because the equipment had to be bought abroad (caterpillar, Liebherr, Komatsu). The necessity of creating a domestic counterpart was very serious. The developers had to offer an alternative without copying the parts and main elements.In the end there was a bulldozer T 330, somewhat inferior to foreign competitors in performance, but cost much cheaper.

The model is intended to be used as the basis for a wide range of special equipment. T 330 immediately attracted attention, it was an unusual design with the forward cabin, which was located directly above the blade. Testing showed that in some cases this arrangement has led to damage to the cab and Windows. In the end, the bulldozer was modified by sliding the cab back and install the front armored hood. However, the model has retained an unusual appearance that distinguishes it from the cars of the time.

Massive bulldozer T 330 used to perform the following operations:

  • cultivation, cutting, transportation of soils 1-4 density;
  • the layout and alignment of the working platform;
  • the filling of quarries, pits and other underground recesses;
  • the formation of bulk objects (bases for roads, dams, levees);
  • layer-by-layer excavation with the movement of ground, crushed stone and gravel materials within the boundaries of the small areas;
  • the equipment of trenches for foundations;
  • moving and warehousing of non-metallic materials for construction;
  • the destruction and dismantling of concrete structures, structures and buildings;
  • clearing a parcel grubbing of stumps, small trees and shrubs.

The model worked effectively in temperatures ranging from -50 to +50 degrees.


Modifications and features

T 330 a long time was the only modification to the family. Later, there were several versions of bulldozer, it has developed the model T 330Р1-01 with different types of rippers and a blade with transverse bias. Due to this, equipment to process solid and frozen soils.

Currently, the production of bulldozer completed. The closest analogue is the model CHETRA T25, created based on the T 330. It uses modern components and powerful powerplant.

T 330 has proven himself as an alternative to expensive foreign competitors. The car had a huge margin of safety and high maintainability. It was much cheaper counterparts.

Among other advantages T 330 includes:

  • the unpretentious to the fuel quality;
  • minimal costs for maintenance and repair;
  • the unification of many elements with the machines of the series Cheboksari;
  • the simplicity of the design;
  • easy and intuitive control.

The main disadvantage of this model was a small engine (especially in the first version). Initially he served with no more than 3-5 years, after which it was necessary to perform major repairs, which have not always led to positive results. Subsequently, the bulldozer began to set other motors adapted to the unusual design. Performance T 330 was lower than models of the same class.


  • length 9330 mm;
  • width – 4230 mm;
  • height – 4762 mm;
  • ground clearance 570 mm.

The total weight of the machine without equipment is 41800 kg, with Ripper and blade – 54800 kg, specific pressure on the surface – 1,127 kgf/cm K. the speed Limit of forward movement is equal to 17 km/hour, ago – 14 km/h. Reaches a nominal thrust of 25,000 kg, max pull – 66000 kg.

The characteristics of the underlying hardware:

1. Semi-u blade knife type:

  • width 4860 mm;
  • height – 1820 mm;
  • the capacity of the prism is 13 cubic meters;
  • max. lifting height – 1530 mm;
  • maximum depth – 650 mm;
  • the angle of shift in the direction of 12 degree;
  • weight 7030 kg.

2. A single-tooth Ripper parallelogram-type:

  • the maximum rise – 950 mm;
  • maximum bite – 1380 mm;
  • weight – 6489 kg.