Bulldozer Liebherr PR 724

Liebherr PR 724 is a product of famous German company. Bulldozer is the new generation competes with the segment leaders in terms of quality and specifications.

Manufacturer Liebherr PR 724 has a long established presence in the market of earthmoving and construction equipment, offering quality products. In the construction of the bulldozers the company has achieved the biggest progress. Machine Liebherr weighing up to 35,000 kg occupy almost half of the world market. Popular and heavy machinery. This is explained by the presence in the products of the latest technologies and proven technical solutions.

Liebherr PR 724 bulldozer is best to perform the planning. The machine has an elongated suspension beam suspension beam and special elements, mitigating the effects of shaking and compensating vibration. Great overview of equipment and easy control enables you to accurately and safely carry out the work with the earth.

Liebherr PR 724 is intended for the transportation of soils of different categories from a short distance away. It can be used effectively to cut the soil on slopes, to fill holes, trenches or gullies to level the surface before construction, to remove large amounts of debris and digging career. The model is adapted for operation on uneven surfaces with moist soil. Dozer also does not lose effectiveness in sub-zero temperatures.

Modifications and features

Series Liebherr PR 724 has a small number of modifications. The difference lies in the individual design features (wide tracks, protection) and working equipment. For bulldozer, there are the following types of dumps: spherical, hemispherical, straight, swivel, and universal.

Liebherr PR 724 enjoys great popularity in Russia. The demand from consumers is maintained due to the following features:

  • hydrostatic drive provides enough for heavy work capacity and permits you to perform basic actions without jerks;
  • the optimal ratio of price and quality. Liebherr PR 724 budget costs slightly more expensive than bulldozers, but for the cost of repair and maintenance seems much preferable;
  • modern control system allows you to find the balance between speed and traction and the motor is protected from overloads, and increases the overall service life;
  • availability of spare parts and items;
  • rich equipment and comfort.

Liebherr PR 724 is widespread in the domestic market due to many advantages. The only drawback of the technique is the lack of licensed dealers and official representatives in Russia, that, despite the enormity of the company, has seriously hindered the acquisition of a new bulldozer.



  • length 4114 mm;
  • width – 2648 mm;
  • height – 3197 mm;
  • tracks – 2830 mm;
  • the ground clearance 475 mm;
  • track width – 1800 mm;
  • track width – 508/560/610 mm.

The weight of the bulldozer may vary from 16660 to 20300 kg depending on the type of installed equipment. Marginal traction is 227 kN specific pressure on the soil – 47,1 kPa. The machine can move forward at speeds up to 11 km/hour, back – to 7.8 km/h.

In the basic configuration, the vehicles are equipped with blade with the following characteristics:

  • width 3240 mm;
  • height – 1150 mm;
  • volume of 4.27 cubic meters.