Bulldozer DET 400

DET 400 – bulldozer, successor to the model 320 DEATH in the line of the Chelyabinsk tractor plant. The model is 25 drawbar category and is traditional for this family of Electromechanical transmission. The name DET stands for “Diesel electric tractor”. DET 400 is allocated interesting feature in the car for the first time in world practice used a combination of Electromechanical transmission, valve induction mechanisms and electric control system.

DET 400 appeared in lineup in 2007. Chelyabinsk tractor plant was producing a family of tractors with an Electromechanical transmissions since 1957, because by the time of development of this modification has accumulated rich experience in the field of hybrid drive. The new solutions added in comfort and reliability.

Scope equipment hasn’t changed much. DET 400 was used to perform earth-moving operations, soils 1-4 categories. The model is widely used to work with frozen ground, rocky soil and hard soil in the coal, oil and gas industry. In areas with extremely low temperature of 400 DEATH was not equal.

Latest revisions of bulldozer, operating on alternating current, the moisture was not terrible. Winch and additional equipment allowed to use the machine as a cultivator, welding machine, repairer of railway tracks and pipelayer. Bulldozer could give energy to the electric locomotive or in a short time to clear the blockages that occurred during the accident.

Modifications and features

The det 400 series had several variations with differences in equipment, crawler parts and certain subassemblies. In 2012 he premiered a modernized version of a bulldozer. The design of the model was revised, DET 400 M got a plastic lining, and has become more interesting. The design of the introduced foreign diesel unit Cummins, manufactured in the UK. Separate elements of the chassis steel procured from Caterpillar. Changes have been made and the hydraulic system in the lounge there is a comfortable joystick.

Features DET 400:

  • upgraded power generator that can operate as a generator;
  • the reliability of the bulldozer in comparison with the predecessor has increased in 2 times. In the rotor of the induction motor did not become windings, so the number of breakdowns has decreased. If the damage to the stator coil replacement was carried out without removing the rest of the coils (a similar operation on other motors it was impossible to do);
  • contactless control device with display and onboard computer located in the cabin, has simplified the process and provided automatic configuration of individual functions;
  • new torsion bar suspension;
  • dimensions and weight decreased by 10-15%;
  • some modifications could work in high humidity conditions.

For bulldozer offered a wide range of additional equipment: several types of dumps, special lug spurs, the pre-heater motor and others.


Mass-dimensional parameters (without equipment/with blade/blade and Ripper):

  • length – 6750/7370/8720 mm;
  • width – 3110/4250/4250 mm;
  • height – 3900/3900/3900 mm;
  • weight – 36100/41600/44500 kg;
  • caterpillar base – 3200 mm;
  • — track width – 2450 mm.

Marginal traction force is 480 kN. The speed of the bulldozer is equal to 0-15,7 km/h (forward/backward).

Filling capacity:

  • the hydraulic system is – 165 l;
  • cooling system 76 l;
  • lubrication system motor – 30 HP

Characteristics of the main equipment:

1. Semi-u blade with hydraulic controls:

  • width – 4250 mm;
  • height – 1850 mm;
  • capacity is 10.5 cubic meters;
  • the greatest depth – 500 mm;
  • maximum lifting height – 1225 mm;
  • weight 5090 kg;
  • the skew angle is 10 degrees;
  • the cutting angle is 55 degrees.

2. A single-tooth cultivator with adjustable angle of cut:

  • limit penetration – 1545 mm;
  • weight – 3500 kg.

Optionally available coal blade capacity of 19.5 cubic meters and a narrow blade type B2.

Characteristics of the system:

  • the number of rollers – 6;
  • number of carrier rollers – 2;
  • the number of links track – 56;
  • step link – 218 mm;
  • the width of the link – 690 mm.

The bulldozer is equipped with Electromechanical transmission, supplemented by a valve-inductor electric machines. It runs in 2-speed mode with automatic change of speed and tractive effort based on the traction resistance. Thanks to the automatic transmission, the driver is freed from having switching speeds in the process. Part of Electromechanical transmission includes the following elements:

  • a friction multi-disc clutch dry friction;
  • the multiplying gear 2 helical spur gears;
  • 2-stage final drive with planetary and 2 cylindrical gear;
  • transfer case gearing, represented by a pair of cylindrical gears and a pair of bevel gears.

Brake and swivel mechanisms allow you to move the ranges of the two gears to do the braking and cornering. It includes a planetary gear system of constant mesh gears, 2 brakes and a locking clutch. Control is performed by means of the lever using a hydraulic servo. Turn is standard for such techniques as: a decrease in the speed of one track relative to another.

Control system of transmission consists of the power block BS-400 with output of 240 kW with forced air cooling. Also here we use the induction motor ID-240 capacity 240 kW induction generator IG-250 with a power of 250 kW.

Implement control is through a standard hydraulic system, subdivided into basic and additional. The first is equipped with a pump NSH-100-3 and is responsible for the penetration and the rise of the Ripper and the blade. Additional system equipped with a pump NSH-100-3L and is used to control the bar of a cultivator and a skewed blade. Operating pressure in the system is equal to 10 MPa. Basic work equipment is depleted the mechanism of the type B1 and a single-tooth Ripper.

In DET 400 is mounted sealed quick cab to facilitate maintenance and speed up repairs. The cockpit has 2 seats and spacious interior. Level of comfort compared to previous versions improved. Large glass area provides visibility in all directions, the machine is also equipped with Windows that improve heat and sound insulation in the cabin and ease of work. The cabin is equipped with a heating system of the company “Zenit” and air conditioning RIO-3000. Operator’s seat is a comfortable fit and has a few adjustments (tilt, height, weight). Devices and sensors are strategically placed and allow to monitor processes without departing from the basic work. The instrument panel is equipped with graphic display and on-Board computer, through which runs the automatic control equipment.


The basic model of det 400 is equipped with 4-stroke diesel engine YAMZ 7511.10-34. Features of unit:

  • fuel system – split type with 2 filters, and extended water separator Separ 2000, and filters of thin clearing with replaceable filtration element;
  • cooling system – liquid, closed type with fan and radiator, located front;
  • lubrication system is of combination (splash and pressure) 2 oil filters;
  • system turbocharger – gas turbine with intercooling of the air 1 and the turbocharger;
  • the trigger system is presented by 2 mechanisms. Includes main traction generator IG-250, additional starter unit.

Engine characteristics YAMZ 7511.10-34:

  • displacement 14,86 l;
  • rated power – 272 (370) kW (HP);
  • rated speed is 1900 Rev/min;
  • number of cylinders – 8;
  • the cylinder diameter is 130 mm.
  • fuel tank capacity – 850 HP

On an upgraded version of det 400M set 4-stroke diesel engine Cummins. This engine is characterized by high reliability and efficiency. At a power of 400 HP unit consumes less fuel than the engine YAMZ 7511.10-34.