Bulldozer DET 320

DET 320 is a continuation of a series of bulldozers Chelyabinsk tractor plant (production was carried out from 2002 to 2007). The model represents a modernized version of DEATH 250 and structurally repeats it in many elements. The abbreviation DET 320 means “diesel electric tractor”, the number after the name indicates the traction class.

The reasons for the emergence of a new bulldozer was several. Requirements for environmental safety, comfort, health, ergonomic component increased significantly since the advent of DEATH 250. In the new environment model, which appeared in the mid-20th century, more resembled a relic of the past. In the Chelyabinsk tractor plant began to think about creating powerful machines that meet the interests of consumers. In the end there was a bulldozer DET 320, in its design, the developers took into account the wishes and recommendations of the key customers of tractors representing the mining industry.Also was taken into account problems and solutions gained over the years of operation of det 250. The model holds key advantages of its predecessor (high speed, maneuverability and infinitely variable adjustment of speed and traction of the bands), adding a level of comfort and reliability. DEATH 320 has received a modern veneer, and the quick cab, which simplifies many operations.

The novelty did not go unnoticed. In 2004, the bulldozer became the winner of competition 100 best goods of the country.

Scope of application DET 320 in comparison with the predecessor has not changed. The bulldozer used in the petroleum, mining, coal, gas industries, in construction and in forestry. The main direction – excavation works, with the ground of 1-4 categories. The machine coped with hard rock and frozen soil. The model is perfectly suited for use in the Northern areas and functions effectively at temperatures up to -45 degrees.

Modifications and features

Series DEATH 320 was presented a minimum of modifications. On the basis of the bulldozer was created following machines: ripping installation, Amour, pipelay and others.

DEATH 320 had the following features:

  • upgraded 2-bed cabin with improved level of comfort. The new design made the bulldozer more attractive;
  • cooling system front location of the radiator and charge-air cooling. In it consisted of a powerful fan. The cooling system in comparison with DEATH 250 has undergone global changes. The predecessor was used ejector cooling system;
  • outside the location of the compartment with the battery, which is made in the form of a thermos with double walls and a seal. The change was dictated by the need to protect the operator, as under the previous pairing of the electrolyte can get into the cockpit;
  • the presence of torsions equal rigidity and strengthen the frame rails of the truck. Such a solution significantly increases the overall strength of the structure, allowing the bulldozer to operate with heavy loads.

The release of DEATH 320 lasted until 2007, after which it was replaced by the model 400 DEATH.


Mass-dimensional parameters (base/with Ripper):

  • length – 6750/8720 mm;
  • width – 3180/4250 mm;
  • height – 3990/3990 mm;
  • weight – 35500/45000 kg;
  • caterpillar base – 3200 mm;
  • track width – 2450 mm;
  • track width – 690 mm.

Specific pressure of the bulldozer on the ground is in 0.104 kg/sq cm speed Range when moving forward is equal to 1.1 to 15.7 km/h when reversing – 1,1-15.7 km/h. The ultimate tractive force reaches 412,7 kN.

Filling capacity:

  • cooling system 76 l;
  • the hydraulic system is – 165 L.

Characteristics of the underlying hardware:

1. Semi-u blade:

  • maximum lifting height – 1225 mm;
  • the ultimate depth – 500 mm;
  • blade width – 4250 (5000) mm;
  • blade height – 1850 (1900) mm;
  • capacity is 10.5 (19.5 in) cubic meters.

2. A single-tooth Ripper:

  • maximum cultivation depth is 1545 mm.

The device and operating features

DEATH 320 has received many changes in comparison with model DET 250. For bulldozer have developed an upgraded frame with increased strength. The same layout technique is retained. In the chassis used torsion elastic suspension with a modified sealing torsion bars for maximum smoothness and high speeds. It is individual for each rink. Caterpillar truck rectangular section made by welding.To increase the service life of the undercarriage in its composition have reinforced beams and the torsion bars of equal stiffness, which are closed on the bogie frame (previously confined to the frame of the bulldozer). A tension wheel of the closed type made alnaimi, which also increases the reliability of the system. For track tensioning is applied by a hydraulic mechanism.

Characteristics of the chassis:

  • the number of rollers – 12;
  • number of carrier rollers – 4;
  • number of shoes – 56;
  • grouser height – 70 mm.

DEATH 320 retained the main feature of the family – stepless Electromechanical transmission, which frees the operator from the need to select speeds. The number of elements is reduced to extend service life. Among the features of the powertrain include:

  • automatic change of speed and traction;
  • the presence of the reverse;
  • 2 speeds forward and backward;