Bulldozer Caterpillar D5N

Bulldozer Caterpillar D5N applies to machines of average power and has a great combination of ride characteristics and overall dimensions. The model does not belong among the most popular products of the brand. When creating product developers have many years of experience, which positively affected the quality of individual components and of the machine itself. Thanks to good stability and high power Cat Д5Н can be used to perform any excavation work.

Manufacturer of bulldozer (the Caterpillar) has a rich history. The first tractors of the brand appeared in 1904. Since products are constantly improving, which allows them to remain leaders in their market segment. For the whole model line of the brand’s characteristic high quality, easy operation and reliability. Before starting the production of units and components are necessary testing that allows to minimize the number of breakdowns in the process.

Caterpillar D5N used for normal and heavy planning. Bulldozer, despite its small size, has a powerful engine and able to carry out complex operations. Compact size and good mobility allow it to be used in the city. The efficiency is not reduced and in the field. Cat D5N actively used in the construction of roads, buildings, clearing of large areas, development of quarries, pits, trenches, forestry and mining.

Modifications and features

The model range of the brand of Caterpillar is divided into 3 categories: bulldozers, small, medium and large capacity. D5N series belongs to the second category and is available in different versions adapted to specific operating conditions. The bulldozer also has a couple of generations.

The most common modifications of the model:

  1. Caterpillar D5N STD – basic version;
  2. Caterpillar D5N XL – a variation with a more powerful unit. Standard performance it provides increased productivity and speed;
  3. Caterpillar D5N LGP – modification with increased contact of caterpillars with the surface. Used for areas with soil having low bearing capacity;
  4. Caterpillar D5N XW.

Features caterpillar D5N:

  • powerful diesel engine of its own issue with ACERT technology;
  • modern hydromechanical transmission;
  • the presence of unique developments by brand (function and Cat AccuGrade, SystemOne undercarriage);
  • the modular design of the basic units;
  • a wide range of additional equipment;
  • excellent mobility and handling;
  • diagnostic system machine status.

Cat D5N adapted for use in Russia. A bulldozer works effectively in sub-zero temperatures and is undemanding to the quality of fuel.



  • length – 3,600 mm;
  • width 2310 mm;
  • height 3022 mm;
  • ground clearance – 422 mm;
  • track width – 2000 mm;
  • track Shoe width: 760 mm;

Gross vehicle weight equals 13099 kg. Due to the large area of contact of caterpillars with soil (up to 4 sq. m.) specific pressure on the surface does not exceed a total of 32.4 kPa. Limit forward speed is 9 km/h, back – 11.1 km/hour. In the basic configuration, the bulldozer is equipped with a blade with the following parameters:

  • width 3170 mm;
  • height – 1155 mm.
  • volume of 2.66 cubic meters.