A770 Bobcat mini-loader

A770 Bobcat mini-loader, which belongs to the category construction equipment, indispensable for carrying out loading and unloading.


Bobcat loader А770 was designed to perform the following types of tasks:

  1. the loading and unloading;
  2. digging of pits;
  3. cleaning areas of debris;
  4. alignment land;
  5. opening of road surfaces;
  6. landscape design.

Wheelbase and a combined system of rotation

Wheelbase loader Bobcat A770 expanded. It adds to the machine stability, which is especially important for its operation on the ground. Strong and reliable wheelbase also makes the progress of the loader soft and uniform even during sudden maneuvers and inversions.

The operator can control the movement of the wheels of the truck or in a standard way (when rotated only front wheel bearings), or combined (front and rear wheel supports are rotated synchronously). However, they can simultaneously rotate in different directions that just need turns.

A function of the combined control eliminates the risk of wheel skid Bobcat A770. Thanks to her fully loaded car quickly and freely moving within the small area of premises and territories.


Loader Bobcat A770 is equipped with a four-cylinder engine. Its power reaches to 93 HP. This engine is reliable and durable. A function of the liquid cooling makes the operation of the loader safe under all conditions, including high humidity or the temperature in the hot season.

The operator’s cabin

The cabin, which is a loader operator Bobcat A700, has a clever design and equipment. It creates excellent conditions for quiet and safe operation.

The operator is on the seat whose position can be easily adjusted. For operator comfort cab Bobcat A700 is equipped with air conditioning and heating. It has always maintained a good microclimate.

Two security systems eliminate the possibility of accidental overturning of the cab. They also completely prevent the risk that it will fall third party a heavy object, causing the loader A700 fails.

Extra attachments

To empower loader Bobcat A770 it can be equipped with additional removable equipment. For the installation of the hinged equipment the model is equipped with “Bob-Tach”. It ensures that replacement equipment will be firmly and securely attached to the forklift even several years after its installation.

Operating Rated capacity 1550 kg
Tipping load 3100 kg
The pump capacity (STD flow / high flow) 87,1 / 151,0 l/min
The system pressure at quick couplers 23,8 – 24,5 MPa
The speed 11,4 km/h
Speed (high – option*) 19,8 km/h
Dimensions Length with standard bucket 3597 mm
Width with standard bucket 2032 mm
Height with operator cab 2065 mm
Lift height to pivot pin, bucket 3353 mm
The rise of the frame vertical
Wheelbase 1227 mm
The rise of the frame Vertical
Engine Make/model Kubota / V3800-DI-T-E3
Fuel Diesel
Cooling Liquid
Maximum power at rpm 68,6 (75,3) @2400 kW/HP@ rpm
Torque at rpm 315,0 @1600 Nm@rpm
Number of cylinders 4 PCs
Cylinder capacity 3,8 l
Fuel tank capacity 109 l
Weight Working weight 4291 kg
Shipping weight 3915 kg
Tires Standard tyre (pneumatic) 12×16,5 PR12
Controls Bobcat standard (foot switch control / leverage) not available
Control with joystick (SJC) standard
Additional nodes installed at the factory Hydraulic large flow option
Air conditioning option
Bar Deluxe option
Frame mount coupler Power Bob-Tach option
Two speed standard