Excavator Hitachi ZX350H-5G/ ZX350LCH-5G

Excavator Hitachi ZX350H-5G/ ZX350LCH-5G

Reinforced by 10%, the modes of lifting and digging For the harsh climatic conditions in Russia and the heavy duty was designed reinforced hydraulic model of the middle class excavator Hitachi ZX350H-5G/ ZX350LCH-5G. So the machinery can smoothly work in such conditions, it is equipped with a durable six-cylinder Isuzu engine that meets all emission […]

Excavators of the middle class Hitachi ZX330-5G and ZX330LC-5G

Secmodel for Russia Hydraulic excavators of the middle class Hitachi ZX330-5G and ZX330LC-5G have technical excellence, reliability and is ideal for solving problems of our clients. The main focus of engineers made to the equipment: cope with the difficult working conditions, withstand extreme low and extreme high temperatures, was the most reliable, durable and high […]

Excavator Hitachi ZX280-5G/ZX280LC-5G

The maximum speed In a series of ZAXIS entered the middle class excavator Hitachi ZX280-5G/ZX280LC-5G. Features of machinery ZAXIS is not just enhanced performance, but also in minimal impact on the environment. Hitachi is constantly working to minimize its production of carbon dioxide emissions and thus contribute to the fight against global warming. The advantages […]

Bulldozer Liebherr PR 724

Liebherr PR 724 is a product of famous German company. Bulldozer is the new generation competes with the segment leaders in terms of quality and specifications. Manufacturer Liebherr PR 724 has a long established presence in the market of earthmoving and construction equipment, offering quality products. In the construction of the bulldozers the company has […]

Bulldozer Caterpillar D5N

Bulldozer Caterpillar D5N applies to machines of average power and has a great combination of ride characteristics and overall dimensions. The model does not belong among the most popular products of the brand. When creating product developers have many years of experience, which positively affected the quality of individual components and of the machine itself. […]

Bulldozer DET 320

DET 320 is a continuation of a series of bulldozers Chelyabinsk tractor plant (production was carried out from 2002 to 2007). The model represents a modernized version of DEATH 250 and structurally repeats it in many elements. The abbreviation DET 320 means “diesel electric tractor”, the number after the name indicates the traction class. The […]

Paver BOMAG BF 600 C

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The new model has greater power reserves, operates with low vibration and noise, and is environmentally friendly due to the small amount of exhaust gases emitted into the atmosphere. These parameters contribute significantly to the powerful engine of the Deutz company and particular management system, Eco, which controls the level of energy consumption. Radiator paver […]

Paver BOMAG BF 600 P

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Among the main advantages of manufacturers say low noise, powerful economical diesel engine systems and controls fuel consumption ECO. Special cooling device allows to maintain the optimum temperature of the main components of the engine and hydraulic system. Using the ECO system can significantly reduce the amount of fuel consumed. Special settings allow you to […]

Paver BOMAG BF 300 P

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Paver BF 300 P is a versatile tool for the implementation of the road works at construction sites of small size. With its compact design the machine has a high maneuverability and mobility, the ability to quickly change its position in tight spaces. Adjustable operator’s seat, swivel-type control panel, and the lateral view provides good […]

Bulldozer Liebherr PR 754 L

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L Liebherr PR 754 – bulldozer construction the German company Liebherr. Recent years, the brand’s lineup was marked by the global update. Earlier in the composition of caterpillar models, 1 special and 5 basic machines with a capacity of 77-276 kW, the fourth generation was expanded to 6 basic machines with a power range 86-310 […]